ATT says it has not authorised COTEL’s fixed line price hike

31 Jul 2014

Bolivia’s La Autoridad de Telecomunicaciones y Transportes (ATT) has confirmed that it has not authorised an increase in the price of Cooperativa de Telefonos Automaticos La Paz’s (COTEL’s) fixed line service. According to local news source La Razon, in the wake of the telco’s announcement that it was boosting the monthly charge by BOB5 (USD0.71) the regulator has directed COTEL to submit information regarding the reasoning behind the price hike.

It is understood that the president of COTEL’s board of directors Jorge Fabian Guillen has claimed that the extra income expected to be generated by the higher rates will cover the debts plaguing the cash-strapped telco; the operator is said to have debts amounting to BOB800 million. Meanwhile, Mr Guillen has also reportedly claimed that the price increase is little more than inflationary adjustment.