Entel to spend USD218m to hit rollout targets

30 Jul 2014

Chilean telco Entel has announced plans to invest USD218 million to meet the initial coverage requirements of its 4G licences, Diario Financiero writes. Under the terms of its two Long Term Evolution (LTE) licences, the cellco is obliged to extend coverage to a number of poorly connected areas in addition to whichever areas its own rollout targets. So far the cellco has completed 20% of its obligations regarding its 2600MHz concession, connecting 37 of the 181 localities listed within the 18-month timeframe, representing investment of USD48 million. For its 700MHz spectrum licence, Entel estimated that the initial requirements would require investment of USD170 million, the cellco targeting 549 remote locations (of a total 1,281 to be covered), 212 schools (of 503 total) and 373km of roads (854km total). Entel added that its entire rollout, including meeting all of the regulator’s coverage requirements, is expected to cost around USD750 million.

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