Arcep launches public consultation on use of open spectrum

28 Jul 2014

French telecoms watchdog, the Autorite de Regulation des Communications Electroniques et des Postes (Arcep), has opened a public consultation on the use of ‘free frequencies’ (not requiring prior authorisation) by short-range devices (SRDs), including Wi-Fi and radio frequency identification (RFID) systems.

The regulator has noted that the move was prompted by a report by Joelle Toledano, titled ‘Dynamic Spectrum Management to Bolster Innovation and Growth’, which was submitted to the French government on 1 July 2014. As such, Arcep has outlined new spectrum available for use by SRDs in the 2.6GHz-2.7GHz and 5.7GHz-5.8GHz frequency bands; the regulator seeks to assess the future requirements of these frequencies, with a particular focus on Wi-Fi, and machine-to-machine (M2M)/Internet of Things (IoT) developments. All interested parties are invited to submit their comments by 15 October 2014.

France, Arcep