Telstra aims for 2G switch-off by end-2016

23 Jul 2014

Telstra, Australia’s leading mobile network operator in terms of subscribers, has unveiled plans to close its 2G GSM network by the end of 2016. With a view to realising its objective, the cellco is said to have put in place plans to migrate its remaining second-generation subscribers to its 3G and 4G alternatives over the course of the next two years; it is understood that 2G traffic now accounts for less than 1% of Telstra’s total network traffic. In a blog post confirming its plans, the operator noted that it has not actually sold a 2G-only handset ‘for several years’ and as such it expects that most customers still accessing services via GSM only will need nothing more than a new SIM card to upgrade to 3G or 4G alternatives.

Mike Wright, Telstra’s managing director of networks, said of the development: ‘In the coming years we expect to see [the number of 2G subscribers] dwindle further as we continue to invest in our 3G and 4G technology so it’s time to call a sunset for this world changing network technology … Over the next two and a half years we will work with the remaining 2G retail customers to help them transition onto our Australian leading 3G and 4G technologies, which provides superior coverage, faster speeds and more services than they currently receive on 2G.’

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