Argentina to hold spectrum auction on 31 October

18 Jul 2014

The Argentine government plans to conduct an auction of national 4G spectrum in the 700MHz and 1700MHz/2100MHz (AWS) frequency bands, as well as the remaining regional 3G spectrum in the 850MHz (SRMC) and 1900MHz (PCS) ranges, on 31 October. According to a report by Convergencia Latina, interested parties will be able to acquire tender documents from 24 July to 17 September at a price of USD24,544, with the prequalification stage scheduled for 18 September. The auction will be held on 31 October; from that date, communications ministry Secretaria de Comunicaciones (SeCom) will have up to 19 business days to award the licences.

The allocation of new 3G and 4G LTE licences is aimed at improving the quality and coverage of mobile services in Argentina, and a portion of the spectrum is reserved for a new provider. Winning bidders of the 4G spectrum will be required to provide coverage of all localities with more than 500 inhabitants (around 98% of the population) within five years, with the licences valid for a period of 15 years. The 3G spectrum licences have been divided up into three geographic areas: North, South and Buenos Aires metropolitan area.

Argentina, Secretaria de Comunicaciones (SeCom)