RCS&RDS boxing Clever with associate upstart?

16 Jul 2014

A newcomer to the Romanian cableco market, Clever Media Network (CMN), which is reportedly associated with domestic giant RCS&RDS, has acquired around 8,000 internet, fixed telephony and cable TV customers from City-Net in Botosani which were previously served by the city operator’s ‘Diginet’ division, reports Ziarul Financiar (ZF). A price for the purchase was not disclosed, although the newspaper added that the Botosani triple-play operation earned revenue of EUR1.4 million (USD1.9 million) last year. In a background article, market sources told ZF that CMN is associated with RCS&RDS, with a business development model comparable to cableco NextGen Communications, which is wholly owned by incumbent telco RomTelecom although operates separately. ‘Clever Media Network is a special project of RCS&RDS, the same type as NextGen,’ said ZF’s source. CMN is led by entrepreneurs Adrian Tomsa and Mircea Lucacel, and the former confirmed to ZF that the transaction with City-Net had been completed, while City-Net director Caesar Ilas said: ‘Clever Media Network confirmed that the company became a shareholder Diginet, which made possible … the partnership with RCS&RDS. This partnership has been the increasing quality of service to customers City-Net.’ Market speculation is that CMN, which has also begun operations in Giurgiu, will continue to launch cable services in various locations ‘in coordination’ with RCS&RDS.

Romania, RCS&RDS (DIGI)