BICS establishes PoP in Johannesburg

16 Jul 2014

Belgacom International and Carrier Services (BICS), an international connectivity and interoperability services provider, has established a point of presence (PoP) in Johannesburg, South Africa. The PoP will be located in facilities belonging to Teraco, a local datacentre company. The deployment is expected to improve interconnectivity, optimise transit times and decrease the latency for traffic into Africa by increasing the availability of BIC’s MOSAIC suite of solutions to operators and internet service providers (ISPs) within the region. The latest move follows the establishment of the company’s Dubai PoP with provider Equinix in March, and the introduction of BICS’ East Africa Gateway in Djibouti in 2013. BICS also enhanced its investment in the region by opening three new offices in Ghana, Kenya and South Africa last year.