UCOM to boost internet speeds this summer

11 Jul 2014

UCOM LLC, an alternative fixed telephony and broadband services provider in Armenia, has announced a speed increase for its internet services over the summer period, with customers set to get a two- to four-times boost under the offer. According to the operator’s press release, the connectivity speed for subscribers to its 5Mbps plan will be doubled to 10Mbps, the 12Mbps service will triple to 36Mbps, subscribers to UCOM’s 15Mbps plan will now enjoy a 60Mbps connection and subscribers to its 22Mbps plan will be quadrupled to 88Mbps. Further, subscribers to its ‘Triple Play Select’ package will enjoy an internet connection speed of 36Mbps, the speed for subscribers to the ‘Triple Play Classic’ package will increase to 80Mbps and the speed for ‘Triple Play Rock’ and ‘Triple Play Jazz packages will rise to 100Mbps and 140Mbps, respectively.

Armenia, Ucom