Rural ISP Core Broadband selects LTE solution from Tazca

11 Jul 2014

Core Broadband, a fixed-wireless broadband network operator in rural Ontario, has announced plans to deploy cost-effective 4G LTE-based access using US-based Tazca Connects’ LTE-as-a-Service solution in Muskoka, Ontario, to increase the speed and capacity of internet access for ISPs, businesses, government, hospitals, schools and individuals. Core Broadband CEO, Neil Smellie stated: ‘We searched for an innovative LTE solution that was cost effective and enabled broadband in a rural environment with the strictest of performance requirements. Tazca Connects met those requirements and proved to be a very cost effective 4G LTE solution that supported our open access network architecture so we could deploy 4G Broadband as we would any internet application. We chose Tazca Connects LTE-as-a-Service because it was backed by Lemko Corporation’s distributed LTE architecture that virtualises the mobile core and drives down wireless internet costs down to that of wireline economics.’ The LTE fixed-wireless broadband service will expand Core’s rural broadband infrastructure in Ontario and will be deployed with advanced features on a virtualised software platform at each cell site in rural areas throughout Muskoka and Southern Parry Sound, directly connecting to the cloud.

Canada, Tazca Connects