DOCOMO Pacific launches 3G in Saipan

11 Jul 2014

DOCOMO Pacific has announced the launch of 3G services on Saipan, the largest of the Northern Mariana Islands. Ten base stations have been upgraded to support 3G, providing coverage to the southern, western and central parts of Saipan, and the company plans to upgrade additional cell sites to cover the northern and eastern parts of the island in the near future. ‘DOCOMO Pacific subscribers can do much more than they can on the old 2G network. 3G technology empowers users with data transfer speeds up to three times as fast as 2G technology. Not only does 3G deliver faster, it also serves richer content straight to your mobile phone,’ commented James Nelson, the company’s general manager in the CNMI. Current DOCOMO Pacific subscribers have the option to keep their current 2G ‘MAX 128’ data speed at the current rate, or upgrade to ‘MAX PLUS 3G’ for an additional USD10.55 per month for higher speeds. All new customers will be activated on the new MAX PLUS 3G data plan for USD24.55 per month. DOCOMO Pacific also operates in Guam, where the company launched a 3.5G network in 2008, followed by HSPA+ in November 2011 and 4G LTE in October 2012.

Northern Mariana Islands, DOCOMO Pacific (CNMI)