Telecel begins nationwide fibre deployment

7 Jul 2014

Telecel Zimbabwe is launching a fibre deployment project which will see it deploying a nationwide backbone network by the end of this year to cope with rising consumer demand for high speed data services. Local portal News Day cites Telecel’s transmission manager Alice Chikumbo as saying: ‘The fibre project is about laying our own optical fibre to link major centres to improve the experience of our customers when they are using our data services. Already Telecel has linked Gweru and Harare together with the backbone sites along the way and under the next phase we expect to cover other cities and urban areas like Bulawayo.’ She went on to say: ‘The reason we are concentrating on cities and urban centres is because this is where the greatest demand and need for faster internet connectivity by customers has been identified, and we are confident that once we finish this project our customers will have a vastly improved data usage experience.’ The operator already has a fibre link between Harare and Gweru.

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