ARPT adopts new definition for active pre-paid subscribers

7 Jul 2014

Algerian telecoms watchdog the Autorite de Regulation de la Poste et des Telecoms (ARPT) has published its Decision No.84/SP/PC/ARPT/2014, which outlines the definition of an active pre-paid subscriber in the country. According to the new legislation, an active pre-paid subscriber is one that has either recharged credit, placed or received a call (including voice and/or video calling, SMS and MMS) or established an internet connection, during a three-month period.

Under Article 4 of the document, all wireless operators in the country are required to adopt the general conditions within a 30-day period and forward their pre-paid terms and conditions to the regulator for approval; failure to do so will result in ‘the application of sanctions under the legislation’.

The regulator has instructed all of the domestic cellcos – Djezzy GSM, Algeria Telecom Mobile (Mobilis) and Ooredoo Algeria (Nedjma) – to notify their user bases of the changes and proceed with disabling all pre-paid SIM cards which have not undertaken one of the aforementioned transactions.