Nepal Telecom to share infrastucture with alternative telcos

25 Jun 2014

State-owned fixed line and mobile operator Nepal Telecom (NT) is reportedly preparing to establish an offshoot company, which will be tasked with overseeing issues related to telecoms infrastructure, domestic newspaper the Republica reports. Anup Ranjan Bhattarai, managing director of NT, revealed that the incumbent telco will retain a 50% stake in the proposed company, with the remainder set to be sold to other telecoms operators and interested parties. Alongside sharing infrastructure, which will help operators to minimise their respective investment, the newly established company will work jointly with other operators to deploy fibre-optic cabling. The executive stated: ‘We will have 4,000 new base transceiver stations (BTS) that will help to establish connectivity at affordable prices.’ The project is estimated to cost in the region of NRP20 billion (USD207.47 million).

Nepal, Nepal Telecom (NT)