MWEB launches free Wi-Fi in Durban

19 Jun 2014

South African internet service provider (ISP) MWEB has launched a free Wi-Fi zone in Durban, the largest city in the KwaZulu-Natal (KZN) province, BusinessTech reports. The Wi-Fi zone covers 90% of Florida Road, and features multiple access points, meshed together in a single indoor or outdoor environment. Although the service is currently available free of charge, MWEB has disclosed that it intends to implement a pricing policy which will be time-based, rather than data-based. Nathier Kasu, MWEB’s general manager, said: ‘Florida Road is a great place to demonstrate the possibilities that high-speed Wi-Fi enables. We have created a Wi-Fi zone, rather than a Wi-Fi hotspot, to deliver a superior experience to users, wherever they may be on the high street.’

South Africa, MWEB (South Africa)