Tigo Ghana to upgrade network infrastructure

17 Jun 2014

Millicom Ghana (Tigo), the country’s third largest cellco in terms of subscribers, has unveiled a multi-million dollar investment programme designed to improve its network infrastructure. According to AllAfrica, the operator is planning to invest more than USD100,000 a day until the end of October. During the first phase of the project, Tigo will improve the redundancy of its fibre-optic transmission network between Takoradi and Kumasi. The upgrade will reportedly make its network less vulnerable to interruptions caused by accidental or illegal cuts to its underground fibre cables.

Future upgrades will see the cellco expand the coverage and capacity of its voice and data services. Tigo Ghana’s general manager, Roshi Motman, said: ‘The company is going through a rapid transformation and these upgrades will enable us to become increasingly competitive and attractive to customers. Ghana is a country with a great economic outlook, and Tigo is a growing force which will help maintain its steady growth.’

Ghana, Millicom Ghana (Tigo)