UK Broadband seeking indefinite extension of 3.4GHz concession

16 Jun 2014

UK telecoms regulator Ofcom has launched a consultation following a request from mobile broadband operator UK Broadband for an extension to the latter’s 3.4GHz spectrum licence. With the company’s concession, which authorises the use of two 20MHz blocks in the frequency ranges 3480MHz-3500MHz and 3580MHz-3600MHz, set to expire in July 2018, UK Broadband has asked for an indefinite extension.

In launching the consultation Ofcom said it was presenting ‘an assessment of the potential impact of this proposal within the context of our statutory duties’, and in its conclusion on the request said it ‘believes granting [it] would promote competition and encourage investment and innovation, in line with our statutory duties to further the interests of citizens and consumers.’ The watchdog has now invited comments from interested parties, with the consultation to close on 25 July 2014, following which it has said aims to reach a final decision after considering any responses.

United Kingdom, Ofcom, UK Broadband (Three Broadband, formerly Relish)