Oi partners Banco do Brasil and Visa for NFC mobile payments

11 Jun 2014

BNAmericas reports that Brazilian mobile operator Oi SA has teamed up with the federal bank Banco do Brasil (BB) and Visa to launch an m-payment app for mobile phone users based on near-field communication (NFC) technology. Oi users who own a BB-issued Visa Ourocard will now be able to make payments through their handset via the new Ourocard app, the band said in a statement. The NFC SIM cards being used for the scheme have been developed by Oberthur Technologies, and will ultimately be accepted at the some 1.4 million or so NFC points of sale currently set up across Brazil. In the pilot phase, the bank says that Ourocard m-payments will be open to a number of selected clients before being rolled out to all customers. The move comes in the wake of Brazil’s decision to adopt new rules on mobile e-payments. In October 2013 a bill regulating m-payments was enacted by the Brazilian president Dilma Rousseff.

Brazil, Oi