LIME and Digicel unite to fight fraud

11 Jun 2014

The Jamaican cellular operators Digicel and LIME have joined forces to combat fraudulent bypass calls, which they say are costing them hundreds of millions of dollars in lost revenues each year. A joint release from the cellcos stated: ‘Network operators in Jamaica have for several years been battling bypass. Bypass activity occurs when an international call circumvents the international switching network of a licensed voice carrier by alternate or illegal routes. The fraudulent call appears as, among other things, a local number to avoid legitimate charges, and results in Jamaica losing significant foreign exchange, tax revenue and Universal Service Levy Funds, while also impacting the revenues available to legitimate operators to further invest in their networks for the good of customers.’ Digicel and LIME are introducing a scheme whereby callers are required to key in a unique code for their call to proceed.

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