AG-Placid picks Tazca for Nigerian LTE rollout

9 Jun 2014

Nigerian network company AG-Placid plans to deploy Tazca Connects’ ‘LTE-as-a-Service’ solution for its metropolitan wireless network in Calabar, Gombe and Lafia, in a bid to expand broadband access to businesses, government, hospitals, schools and individual customers. Tazca Connects’ high speed internet service will be powered by a LTE software platform from Lemko Corporation, bringing cost-effective 4G LTE connectivity to Nigeria. The LTE fixed-wireless broadband service will be deployed with advanced features on a virtualised software platform at each cell site, directly connecting to the cloud, resulting in lower up-front capital expenses and ongoing operational costs. ‘Tazca Connects’ LTE offering, backed by Lemko Corporation’s distributed LTE architecture that virtualises the mobile core, was selected due to the need for a truly cost-effective 4G LTE solution that would enable an affordable Metropolitan Wireless Network to be deployed in Nigeria,’ commented AG-Placid’s CEO Beshel Ikwen, adding: ‘Tazca Connects has driven the wireless internet costs down to that of wireline economics, enabling new services like HD video conferencing and medical imaging for telemedicine … AG-Placid is confident that our LTE network when operational [will] be the best and the network of choice in Nigeria.’

Nigeria, Tazca Connects