Vodafone Ghana restores services following network outage

6 Jun 2014

Ghanaian network operator Vodafone has restored services after a nationwide network outage, which affected its landline and mobile platforms in the period 2 June-3 June 2014, BizTech Africa reports. The company issued an apology to its subscribers, in which it announced that it had identified the cause of the outage and has resolved the issue. Vodafone Ghana CEO Haris Broumidis said: ‘We regret the inconvenience caused by the network outage experienced yesterday and we sincerely apologise to all our customers. Service is now restored and all our customers should be able to make and receive calls, send text messages and browse the internet.’

Meanwhile, the country’s telecoms regulator, National Communications Authority (NCA), has requested that Vodafone submit a comprehensive report on the situation detailing the causes, services impacted, number of consumers affected and plans to avert further occurrences.

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