TRR revokes three telecoms concessions

5 Jun 2014

Vanuatu telecoms watchdog, the Telecommunications and Radiocommunications Regulator (TRR), has revoked three telecoms licences granted to start-ups Hotspotzz, Wavecom and Micoms, for non-compliance with their respective licence terms and conditions. Hotspotzz and Wavecom received their concessions on 22 September 2009, while Micoms was authorised to provide telecoms services on 20 January 2010. The resolution was taken after the TRR decided in late 2013 to investigate the activities of all licensees that hold an authorisation to provide telecoms services but ‘have not shown any utilisation … of their licence to date’.

According to a TRR press release, the three prospective operators have ‘never provided any form of telecommunications services … and do not have any future plans to do so’. The watchdog pointed out that the companies were given 30 days revocation notices ending 19 May (Hotspotzz) and 21 May 2014 (Wavecom and Micoms) respectively, to respond to the regulator’s proposed action, but each company failed to do so. Further, the TRR has invited all interested parties and potential investors to apply for a new licence to operate in the country.