CityFibre acquires fibre network in Coventry

4 Jun 2014

UK-based pure fibre infrastructure provider CityFibre has announced the acquisition of a 140km metro fibre network in Coventry as part of a strategic partnership with the city’s council. The infrastructure, dubbed Coventry CORE, will now be extended and upgraded, the company has said, with a view to turning Coventry into a ‘Gigabit City’. From ‘this summer’ CityFibre aims to bring access speeds of up to 1Gbps to thousands of businesses in the area via local internet service provider (ISP) partners.

With CityFibre already having set out plans to enhance connectivity in both York and Peterborough as part of its Gigabit Cities programme, the company claims that Coventry CORE will become its largest metro network and increase its national network footprint by around 50%. The existing infrastructure, which was commissioned by Coventry City Council six years ago, currently services nearly 300 buildings including key public sites such as council offices, schools and community centres. With CityFibre to continue providing connectivity to these sites, it has said that network expansion will be demand-led.

United Kingdom, CityFibre (incl. FibreNation)