VIP begins network upgrade and expansion

3 Jun 2014

Austrian-backed cellco Mobilkom Serbia, which operates under the VIP Mobile brand, has announced plans to upgrade its network infrastructure in Belgrade between June and September this year. The EUR23 million (USD31.31 million) modernisation programme will boost signal coverage indoors and outdoors and improve call quality, the cellco noted. Under the first phase of the project, VIP will carry out upgrades in the municipalities of Cukarica, Rakovica, Vozdovac and Grocka as well as the eastern areas of Zvezdara and Palilula. VIP intends to carry out similar modernisation programmes elsewhere, with plans to update its infrastructure at more than 550 locations across 21 towns and cities by the end of the year. Further, VIP will install more than 320 new 2G and 3G base stations along main roads and in small towns.