Telekom Slovenije activates first 800MHz LTE base stations

3 Jun 2014

Telekom Slovenije announced on its website yesterday that it is the first Slovenian operator to activate base stations using the 800MHz frequency band for 4G LTE mobile broadband services. Following April’s allocation of the ‘digital dividend’ 800MHz frequencies to the operator and its rivals, Telekom disclosed that its mobile unit Mobitel has activated the first two LTE cell sites in Ljubljana in the lower band to augment coverage of its 4G network which currently utilises 1800MHz spectrum, and over the coming days it will carry out optimisation and integration procedures before embarking on a wider rollout. Telekom Slovenije plans to end the year with LTE coverage of over 70% of the population, rising to over 80% in 2015 and around 95% in 2017. The 4G (LTE-1800) network, launched in March 2013, currently offers coverage to 60% of the population in 107 Slovenian towns. The 800MHz rollout will include rural areas, while also improving indoor 4G coverage, and the operator also intends to further strengthen the network using 2600MHz frequencies.

Slovenia, Telekom Slovenije (incl. Mobitel)