MMIF and Digital Bridge merge infrastructure holdings to create Mexico Tower Partners

23 May 2014

Macquarie Mexican Infrastructure Trust (MMIT) has announced the formation of Mexico Tower Partners (MTP), a joint venture owning and managing a portfolio of wireless telecommunications towers with operations across Mexico. Based in Mexico City, MTP will reportedly manage more than 550 towers; it claims to be the country’s second largest independent telecoms tower business. MTP is an equal joint venture between Macquarie Mexican Infrastructure Fund (MMIF) and Digital Bridge, an independent tower operator, with the two companies having merged their existing telecoms tower portfolios to create MTP.

‘We are pleased to be partnering with Digital Bridge to form MTP. Digital Bridge’s strong expertise and capabilities in the tower space are complementary to our own. The combination of our existing portfolios creates greater scale and enables us to further penetrate the market and to diversify our customer base,’ said MMIF chairman Jonathan Davis Arzac.

Mexico, Mexico Tower Partners (MTP)