EE says more new subscribers taking 4G than 3G

22 May 2014

EE, the UK’s largest cellco by subscribers, has confirmed that, with the number of customers signed up for its 4G services now standing at more than 3.6 million, sales of its LTE-based plans are now outstripping uptake of its 3G tariffs. Claiming that this development represented a tipping point for its business, the company has now unveiled what it called ‘the next phase’ of its 4G service, including rapid network expansion and the launch of new plans and devices.

In terms of infrastructure development, EE has said it is accelerating network rollout in rural areas and on transport routes, while it has also confirmed that, having completed the second phase of its rural deployment, more than three million people in some 2,588 villages and small towns with populations under 10,000 now have access. In addition, EE has said it will continue to focus on areas of high usage, such as airports, roads, train lines and stations, noting that 47 major train stations and 22 of the country’s busiest airports are now 4G-enabled, along with upwards of 50% 4G coverage on 50 of the busiest motorways and A-roads. Enhanced speeds are also on the way for more areas, with the cellco saying it aims to double the footprint of its ‘double-speed’ network, which offers download rates of up to 150Mbps to 40 towns and cities by the end of the year.

United Kingdom, EE