Telecoms price reductions taking effect 1 June

21 May 2014

Lebanon’s Cabinet of Ministers has approved three proposals by the telecoms ministry to cut the cost of landline subscriptions, pre- and post-paid mobile calls and internet data plans, which will take effect on 1 June 2014, the Daily Star reports. Post-paid mobile users will benefit from an additional 60 minutes of free calls on the current USD15 monthly subscription fee, while the pre-paid call rate is reduced by around 30% from USD0.36 to USD0.25 per minute.

Registering a new landline will now be free, as opposed to a previous USD33 one-time fee, while the monthly fixed line subscription fee will be reduced from USD8 to USD6. Fixed broadband internet subscribers to a 2Mbps package will enjoy a quota of 40GB at a monthly USD19, compared to the current rate of USD50 per 20GB, while HDSL service cost will be reduced from USD150 to USD83, and the data quota doubled from 40GB to 80GB monthly.