CenturyLink continues IPTV rollout

21 May 2014

The US broadband internet service provider (ISP) CenturyLink has unveiled plans to pass a further 300,000 households this year with its Prism IPTV service. The deployments will mainly cover markets inherited via CenturyLink’s 2011 acquisition of Qwest, Fierce Telecom reports. The operator currently has around two million homes within its Prism footprint, with almost 10% of these subscribing to TV services, while it claims more than six million broadband internet customers. Around 95% of TV customers also take broadband services, CenturyLink says. Network deployments in 2013 concentrated on four cities: Phoenix, Colorado Springs, Omaha and Denver, with further rollouts in Phoenix scheduled for this year.

United States, Lumen Technologies (formerly CenturyLink)