Telecom Namibia launches fixed/mobile convergence range

20 May 2014

Telecom Namibia (including TN Mobile) has launched a range of converged fixed/mobile services for corporate and residential users, branded ‘TN1’. There are three packages under the TN1 brand: ‘Maxi’, ‘MaxiPlus’ and ‘MaxiPro’, all on a 24-month post-paid contract. Maxi includes a 3G mobile device bundled with 2GB monthly mobile data usage, plus a 1Mbps fixed internet connection with unlimited monthly usage, a Wi-Fi router and preferential rates for out-of-bundle mobile data usage. MaxiPlus includes a 2Mbps fixed connection with unlimited internet access, Wi-Fi router, 3G device with 5GB inclusive monthly mobile data, a smartphone and a cordless fixed phone with 500 inclusive national voice minutes (including unlimited free calls between numbers on the MaxiPlus package) in addition to preferential rates for voice and data. Lastly, MaxiPro is a converged solution aimed at medium and large enterprises, enabling ‘seamless’ and secure access to business communications features without being tied to any one device or service, and also includes preferential rates for voice and data to business customers.

A company spokesperson said: ‘Telecom Namibia can now offer its customers seamless connectivity between mobile and fixed networks in an expanded coverage area. This will allow us to retain more customers on our network as they transition between fixed line and mobile devices… This [fixed-mobile convergence] FMC solution deployment is an unprecedented step in the implementation of next-generation voice and data services and proves the viability of fixed-mobile services as we take our first step toward a true IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) network architecture.’

Namibia, Telecom Namibia (incl. TN Mobile)