Peru to launch 700MHz sale; first stage of fibre backbone to be ready by September

20 May 2014

Peru’s minister of transport and communications, Carlos Paredes Rodriguez has confirmed that the auction for 700MHz spectrum will take place later this year, announcing the plans at the opening of the Forum for International Telecommunication Day, TeleSemana writes. The 700MHz band will be used to provide 4G Long Term Evolution (LTE) services and follows on the heels of the allocation of two AWS (1700MHz/2100MHz) concessions to Movistar and Americatel Peru, the Peruvian arm of Chile’s Entel, in July 2013, also for 4G services. Rodriguez also noted that the first phase of the nation’s fibre-optic backbone project would be completed in September this year. The tender for the construction was awarded late last year to the TV Azteca-Tendai consortium and will eventually see more than 13,000km of fibre-optic cabling installed nationwide, at a cost of USD400 million.