Cellcom examining network sharing plans following MoC’s policy publication

19 May 2014

Israeli mobile network operator Cellcom has revealed that, on the back of a number of proposed network sharing deals between the country’s cellcos, the Ministry of Communications (MoC) has published a policy for cellular network sharing. In the wake of the development, Cellcom has said it will study the implications of the policy on its network sharing agreements; though noted it has initially concluded that both its agreement with Bezeq subsidiary Pelephone for the sharing of passive elements of cell sites for existing networks and the deal under which it plans to provide Golan Telecom access to its 2G and 3G radio networks, generally meet the policy’s principles. Subject to ‘certain further adjustments that would be required in order to meet certain conditions set in the policy’, it added, should the parties reach such agreements it expects these could be approved by the MoC. However, Cellcom noted that its agreement with Pelephone and Golan for the construction and operation of a shared 4G radio network does not meet the policy principles, and as such does not expect it to be given the regulatory green light for such a venture.