AT&T to buy 19 2300MHz WCS licences from Sprint

14 May 2014

AT&T Mobility has inked an agreement to purchase 19 Wireless Communications Service (WCS) spectrum licences from Sprint Corp. According to Fierce Wireless, the concessions cover a number of locations across the South, including markets in Florida, Louisiana, Texas, Alabama and Georgia. The two companies have not disclosed the financial details of the deal, which requires Federal Communications Commission (FCC) approval.

In its FCC filing, AT&T notes that this transaction follows several other acquisitions of WCS licences it has completed in recent years. The FCC previously concluded that those acquisitions ‘[were] likely to result in certain public interest benefits by facilitating the transition of long-underutilised WCS spectrum towards mobile broadband use, thereby supporting our goal of expanding mobile broadband deployment throughout the country, [and were] not likely to result in competitive or other public interest harms’.

The mobile giant has previously acquired WCS frequencies from the likes of NextWave Wireless, Comcast, Horizon Wi-Com and San Diego Gas & Electric Company.