Channel hopping? JT launches MVNO in US

8 May 2014

Channel Islands-based operator JT (formerly Jersey Telecom) has announced that it is set to launch as a 4G mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) in the United States later this month. The identity of JT’s mobile network operator (MNO) partner has not been disclosed, but the telco in question has been described as a ‘major global player’. Barna Kutvolgyi, managing director of JT’s Global Consumer division, commented: ‘Joining together with a major global player in a direct partnership has allowed us to deliver this new service and it also means that we have gained valuable 4G experience to ensure that we seamlessly replicate a 4G service for our customers as soon as the new network licences are awarded in the Channel Islands’. Mr Kutvolgyi notes that more than half of JT’s revenue currently comes from outside Jersey, noting that the carrier has 509 roaming agreements spanning 216 destinations.

United States, JT Jersey