Mobistar completes trials of LTE-A in Mechelen

7 May 2014

Belgium’s Mobistar has announced that it has successfully tested Long Term Evolution Advanced (LTE-A) technology, achieving a throughput of more than 200Mbps in the trials. With the cellco confirming that it had combined its 4G-suitable spectrum in the 800MHz (10MHz) and 1,800MHz (20MHz) bands, it noted that the aggregation of these two frequencies allowed a more efficient use of the spectrum, thus offering higher speeds and a better coverage inside buildings. The first tests on what Mobistar referred to as its ‘4G+’ network in a real situation were conducted over the entire territory of the city of Mechelen. Claiming that combining the two frequencies had resulted in an average gain of 30% for indoor coverage and a significant increase in the capacity of the bandwidth, the operator said it had recorded download speed of 213Mbps over the network while maximum uplink rates reached 41Mbps.

With the trial complete, Mobistar has said it intends to commercialise the technology, but will only do so once more LTE-A compatible devices have become available and the national coverage is ‘sufficiently homogeneous to offer a high-quality customer experience’. Commenting on the expected impact of LTE-A, Mobistar’s chief network officer Gabriel Flichy noted: ‘This 4G+ technology is the future of high speed mobile and will enable a great improvement in flexibility and performances for the user.’

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