Airtel concerned over fibre cuts; MTN takes construction companies to court over fibre damage

7 May 2014

Ghanaian cellco Airtel has blamed road construction works for the increased number of fibre-optic infrastructure cuts that it has experienced across the country, especially in the western part of Ghana. According to All Africa, Airtel’s network planning engineer Raymond Folley has revealed that land litigation, higher rent charges and the reluctance of some communities to have telecom masts located in their neighbourhoods has lowered the previously rapid deployment rate of base transceiver stations (BTS) across the country. However, the company’s head of corporate communications, Donald Gwira, said that the company would continue to invest in its infrastructure despite the issues.

Meanwhile, MTN Ghana has initiated legal proceedings against two construction companies – Hisense Son Electronic and Zuleah Esifu – for allegedly damaging its fibre-optic cables, IT Africa reports. Cynthia Lumor, corporate services executive at MTN Ghana, has revealed that Hisense Son Electronic was taken to court for causing damage to fibre cables on the Sakaman-Kasoa road while Zuleah Esifu was sued after its excavators caused severe damage to MTN’s fibre cabling at the construction site of a filling station. According to Lumor, the fibre cuts compromised the quality of service (QoS) experienced by MTN customers and the company has vowed to step up its efforts to curtail the problem.

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