Nepal to revise licensing terms for ISPs and network service providers, paper says

6 May 2014

According to the Himalayan News Service, national telecoms regulator the Nepal Telecommunications Authority (NTA) plans to revise the terms and conditions of the country’s internet service provider (ISP) and network service provider (NSP) licences, in order to make them ‘compatible to latest technological advancements’. The NTA is mindful that whilst technological advances in the communications sector have accelerated at a great pace in the past decade or so, clauses in its ISP and NSP permits have not been updated to reflect this, preventing the NTA from implementing new measures (e.g. monitoring campaigns) and in turn, improve accessibility of web-based services to the general public. NTA spokesperson Kailash Prasad Neupane confirmed the plan to initiate a consultation on a licensing review which, amongst other things, will look to remove a clause that currently bars ISPs from distributing data services with a speed of 1Mbps or higher to more than 30 customers. The NTA is acutely aware that with wireless broadband services now capable of delivering an affordable 1Mbps service to a residential customer, Nepal’s Telecommunication Act 1997 is increasingly out of date.