MegaFon trumpets LTE achievements; confirms full integration of Yota

28 Apr 2014

Russian mobile giant MegaFon has announced that it now offers 4G Long Term Evolution (LTE) coverage of 53 regions, a figure which is set to rise to 72 by year-end. Further, the cellco claims a total of 1.4 million 4G customers on its network to date. Between 1 April 2013 and 31 March 2014, MegaFon notes that LTE-traffic increased by 4.5 times, and its subscribers downloaded more than 200PB (Petabytes, or billion Gigabytes [GB]) of data. Its heaviest data users are based in the Volga, North-Western and Caucasus regions. Further, MegaFon has said that it now offers a range of 65 LTE-capable devices, including 45 smartphones and 14 tablets.

In other news, MegaFon has confirmed that it has completed the ‘key processes’ behind the integration of Scartel (Yota), which it purchased in October 2013. A company statement read: ‘The process of the integration of assets took several months and included the following steps: Scartel and Yota were unified into one legal entity — Scartel LLC for providing services under the Yota brand; all Scartel telecommunications equipment under contract of sale was transferred to the balance sheet of MegaFon, all primary processes of support and service of the Scartel network were switched to MegaFon; and MegaFon and Scartel signed an agreement on the lease of the communications network.’

Russia, MegaFon, Scartel (Yota)