Tcell inaugurates 4G network

23 Apr 2014

Tajik mobile network operator Tcell has announced the launch of LTE-based services using the 800MHz band. Access to the operator’s 4G services is initially limited to the capital Dushanbe and four other cities, namely Ghafurov, Chkalovsk, Khujand and Kayrakkum, and the settlements of Khistevarz, Vodnik, Goziyon and Unji. Prices for 4G access start from TJS90 (USD18.7) per month for a 5GB monthly usage allowance for general data and a 5GB usage limit for specific video-streaming sites. Meanwhile, the operator’s top-end service, 4G Internet XL, costs TJS450, in return for which customers have a 40GB general usage allowance and 80GB video-streaming cap.

Tajikistan, Tcell