Ncell's boss says cellco will invest USD100m in 2014

23 Apr 2014

The newly appointed chief executive operator of Nepalese mobile operator Ncell, Erim Taylanlar, says the company intends to invest USD100 million this year, with a focus on the expansion of 3G services, on top of the USD650 million spent in the country since its arrival in 2008. In an interview with MyRepublica, the official noted however, that its aspirations to expand its 3G coverage are dependent on a positive response from the regulator, the Nepal Telecommunications Authority (NTA). According to Mr Taylanlar: ‘Ncell is always ready to do more on the technological side by introducing latest trends whenever we have the [opportunity]. What we need … to introduce new technologies, besides customer and market readiness, is the prompt response of the NTA [regarding our] applications for permission and licences. The delay in the appointment of a new chairman at the NTA has made it very difficult for us to introduce new technologies’.

The CEO went on to say that his company is working on ‘four important projects’ this year and is looking to tempt new users with a number of ad campaigns. However, he declined to elaborate on the exact nature of the projects his company is developing. Finally, the CEO said that with the advent of more competition in the GSM sector now imminent, he welcomes competition which he believes will be ‘for the benefit of consumers and service providers given that all operators need to be on the same plane and the regulatory body needs to have fair approach to all competitors’. Ncell does not favour a price war, which it says would be detrimental to end users in the long run.

Nepal, Ncell Axiata