Angola Telecom revamps fixed broadband offerings

23 Apr 2014

State-owned Angola Telecom will launch a new standalone fixed broadband service under the ‘Navegue So’ (‘only browse’) banner next month (May 2014) in the central Huambo province, available for individual, business or public sector users, Angolan news agency Angop reports. Ahead of the launch of Navegue So packages, Angola Telecom is highlighting the service’s Wi-Fi capabilities and the fact that its data-only broadband connections can be used for VoIP telephony. The upcoming standalone internet service augments the telco’s existing ‘Fale & Navegue’ (‘talk and browse’) packages, which offer unlimited fixed line calls to Angola Telecom numbers and ‘unlimited’ monthly volume of ADSL-based internet usage, payable on a pre- or post-paid basis. The Fale & Navegue ADSL service, which was launched officially nearly a year ago in April 2013, requires a user to have a connection to Angola Telecom’s fixed telephony network, and according to the Angola Telecom website is currently available in four regions: Luanda (14 districts), Benguela (seven municipalities/districts), Lobito (five areas) and Kwanza Sul (two areas). Download speeds advertised range from 512kbps to 4Mbps.

Angola, Angola Telecom (AT)