M-Tel renews GSM licence for EUR30.6m

16 Apr 2014

Bulgarian network operator MobilTel (M-Tel), a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Telekom Austria Group, has renewed its GSM authorisation to use 2×11.2MHz blocks in the 900MHz frequency band and 2×10MHz blocks in the 1800MHz spectrum band, paying a total of EUR30.6 million (USD42.28 million).

In addition, the cellco is required to pay a one-off annual spectrum fee of EUR2.2 million. The terms and conditions of the GSM licence, initially awarded to the operator by Bulgaria’s National Radio Frequency Spectrum Council in 1994 and extended for an additional ten-year period in 2004, remain the same. The concession is now valid until 8 June 2024.

Bulgaria, A1 Bulgaria (Mobiltel)