Anatel approves 700MHz public consultations ahead of August 4G auction

15 Apr 2014

In a notice on its website, Brazilian telecoms regulator Anatel has approved two public hearings to receive further input on the planned auction of 700MHz (698MHz-806MHz) band mobile broadband licences scheduled for August, with the aim of bringing mobile telephony and 4G broadband internet to rural and remote areas at lower costs. An initial 30-day public consultation will be launched on 2 May regarding the proposed 700MHz auction procedures alongside regulations governing the coexistence of 4G mobile services with digital TV services in the 698MHz-806MHz range. Ahead of the consultation, by 30 April reports will be published containing the latest results of tests on the coexistence of mobile/TV services in the 700MHz spectrum band; Anatel noted that tests have indicated that the multi-service coexistence is ‘fully possible’.

Anatel’s proposed 4G auction in August involves bidding for blocks of 2×10MHz (one block per bidder allowed in a first round), whilst winners will be required to cover the costs of implementing measures to overcome any spectrum interference, as well as expenses resulting from the reallocation of TV channels and TV broadcasting relay systems.