WiMAX operators criticise 2600MHz spectrum release plans

2 Apr 2014

Plans outlined by the Taiwanese government to release three LTE-suitable blocks of spectrum in the 2600MHz band have been objected to by three of the country’s existing WiMAX operators. According to the Digitimes, the three unnamed operators were said to have raised concerns to the National Communications Commission (NCC) over the fact that the 10MHz ‘guard band’ will be left idle. Claiming that this would effectively be a waste of frequency resources, the operators are also said to have argued that all of the 2600MHz band units set to be released should be designated for Time-Division Duplex LTE (TDD-LTE) use.

As previously reported by CommsUpdate, last week the NCC proposed the release of a total of 190MHz of spectrum, suitable for both Frequency-Division Duplex LTE (FDD-LTE) and TDD-LTE services. It was said to be considering designating two 70MHz blocks – 2500MHz-2570MHz and 2620MHz-2690MHz –for FDD-LTE, while a 50MHz block – 2570MHz-2620MHz – would be assigned for TDD-LTE.

While the Taipei Computer Association and Taiwan Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers’ Association are both said to support the dissenting opinions, the six companies that acquired 4G licences in October 2013 – Chunghwa Telecom, Taiwan Mobile, Far EasTone, Asia Pacific Telecom, Taiwan Star Celluar and Hon Hai Precision – have reportedly voiced their support for the government’s release plan.

Taiwan, National Communications Commission (NCC)