Netia to invest PLN200m in 2014

1 Apr 2014

Polish internet service provider (ISP) Netia has announced plans to invest PLN200 million (USD66 million) in 2014 to improve its infrastructure, with a particular focus on Wi-Fi. Local news portal quotes a senior Netia official as saying: ‘We see great potential in Wi-Fi technology. Each mobile device – phone, smartphone or tablet – has this technology and the concept of this output is beyond the scope [of] our telecommunication network.’ Netia currently provides Wi-Fi to its subscribers at 250,000 locations in Poland, and 12.6 million locations worldwide through its partnership with global Wi-Fi provider Fon. Moving forward, Netia has highlighted two strategies for Wi-Fi hotspots. The first of which would see Netia provide free Wi-Fi access through its own hotspots, generating revenue through advertising, whilst a second would see the operator share costs to provide Wi-Fi networks in businesses such as restaurants and coffee shops. Netia is also considering investment in other industries, but is yet to finalise any specific plans.

Poland, Netia