MIIT aims for FTTH networks to pass nearly 200m households by end-2014

25 Mar 2014

China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) has unveiled the goals of its ‘Broadband China’ programme for 2014 and released the results of the project for 2013. Marbridge Daily cites MIIT minister Miao Wei as saying that in 2013 the number of homes passed by fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) networks increased by 72 million to a total of 167 million households, whilst broadband coverage was extended to an additional 19,000 administrative villages, increasing rural coverage by three percentage points to 91%. Wei added that broadband subscriptions grew by 19 million to 189 million over the twelve-month period and noted that connections of 4Mbps or greater accounted for 79% of subscriptions by the end of 2013. For 2014, MIIT has set its sights on extending FTTH coverage by 30 million households and rolling out broadband services to 13,800 administrative villages. The ministry’s other goals include increasing the number of fixed broadband subscriptions by 25 million and achieving 30% penetration for connections of 8Mbps or more. Meanwhile, the ministry will look to encourage the uptake of 50Mbps-100Mbps broadband speeds in more developed areas. In the wireless broadband space, the MIIT has set a target of 30 million Long Term Evolution (LTE) subscribers by the end of the year, to be served by at least 300,000 Time Division (TD)-LTE base stations.