Kyrgyz mobile subs reached 6.7m at end-2013

21 Mar 2014

Kyrgyzstan’s National Communications Agency has revealed that the country ended 2013 with a total of 6.737 million active mobile subscribers, an increase of around 20% from 5.615 million twelve months earlier. Revenue generated by wireless operators rose 18.5% in 2013 to KGS25.06 billion (USD485 million) from KGS21.15 billion. Earlier this month, Kyrgyzstan introduced compulsory SIM registration, under which personal ID is now required when activating a SIM card, while existing SIM card holders must register their details during the year. Government decree ‘On approval of rules for the provision of mobile telecommunication services’ was signed on 17 February 2013 and entered into force on 8 March.

Kyrgyzstan, State Communications Agency