Glocall partners with Tazca to deploy 4G in Mogadishu

19 Mar 2014

Glocall Telecoms, a global voice, data and carrier solution provider, has teamed up with Tazca Connects for the deployment of 4G LTE to provide reliable and cost-effective broadband connectivity to the government, schools, businesses and the surrounding community. In the capital Mogadishu, US-owned Glocall will deploy Tazca Connects’ LTE-as-a-Service, which features advanced fixed wireless broadband capability on a software platform that sits on a server at each cell site and connects directly to the cloud. According to Tazca, this results in substantially lower up-front capital expense, eliminates backhaul, virtualises the core, and allows for lower on-going operational expenses. ‘Tazca Connects’ LTE offering, backed by Lemko Corps distributed LTE architecture, was selected due to the need for an efficient, cost effective 4G LTE solution, deployable on demand, which would enable affordable, mass broadband penetration in challenging environments,’ commented Mobeen Bhamjee, CEO of Glocall Telecoms, adding: ‘Deploying 4G LTE with Tazca Connects will accelerate global connectivity in Somalia and provide new opportunities to stimulate socioeconomic growth by increasing access to information and rich content services.’ TeleGeography’s GlobalComms Database notes that Glocall owns a local ISP/telecoms operator in Somalia, Sahal Telecom, which began rolling out a WiMAX and Wi-Fi network in Mogadishu in 2012 and launched commercial services on 1 August 2013, while it is following a migration path to 4G LTE this year.

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