MIC to reclaim spectrum from EVN, S-Fone

17 Mar 2014

Vietnam’s Ministry of Information and Communications (MIC) is considering reclaiming the spectrum of defunct CDMA mobile network operators EVN Telecom and S-Telecom (S-Fone), VNS reports. EVN Telecom, which utilised the 450MHz frequency band, was taken over by military-run market leader Viettel in March 2012 and its remaining customers were encouraged to migrate to Viettel’s GSM network by January 2013. S-Fone, which has made a large number of employees redundant as part of a corporate restructuring into a joint venture, received permission to migrate to a HSPA platform using its 850MHz spectrum in March 2012, and while the firm initially expected to launch the new network in 2013, so far little progress has been made to relaunch its operations.