Ghanaian cellcos ordered to re-run SIM registration

17 Mar 2014

The Ghanaian government has ordered the country’s cellcos – MTN Ghana, Vodafone Ghana (formerly Ghana Telecom), Millicom Ghana (Tigo), Airtel (formerly Zain/WESTEL), Glo Mobile Ghana and Expresso (formerly Kasapa Telecom) – to repeat the long-concluded SIM card registration scheme, following accusations of fraudulent activities during the initial process. According to the Ghana Broadcasting Corporation (GBC), Ghana’s minister of communications Edward Boamah has revealed that 20% of the identity cards used in the previous SIM registration process in 2011 were fake. However, going forward, the six cellcos are permitted to refrain from re-running the registration process until the National Identification Authority has completed the issuance of national ID cards across Ghana.