CCT stages USD10m re-launch; hits out at ‘hostile’ rivals

17 Mar 2014

British Virgin Islands (BVI) mobile operator CCT Wireless (formerly Caribbean Cellular Telephone) has reportedly overhauled its operations following a USD10 million investment from 1,000 local residents. quotes new CEO Averad Penn as commenting: ‘We did consider changing the name, [but] the decision was made to keep the name, to keep that legacy. We are the oldest telecom [operator] in the BVI, so, we didn’t want to divorce ourselves from that past. We hope everyone sees this is a renewed effort of CCT; this is a new CCT. The name is still the same, but just about everything else has changed… We have put in place new management. We have put USD10 million into this company to build this new network and to give you the service that you deserve and you demand.’

Elsewhere, CCT shareholder Dr Hesketh Vanterpool has told that its competitors are trying to ‘wipe it out’ after failing to acquire its operations through a takeover. While he stopped short of naming names, it is assumed that Dr Vanterpool is referring to pan-Caribbean giants Digicel and LIME, both of which are active within the BVI. The online news journal quotes him as saying: ‘I am saying [they are trying to] wipe us from the market in a very serious manner because they have come to try to buy us out and, when they couldn’t buy us out, they tried other hostile measures … Years ago, it was said that only two competitors could seriously exist within the British Virgin Islands; and we have had two other competitors come in to try to gobble us up, and we are resisting that. We have come out of the ashes, and we are coming back very strong.’

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